A matter of Solidarity and Pragmatism.

The government says it wants to preserve our current pension system, which is based on generational solidarity and protects our pensions from the shocks of the financial system (the so-called “first pillar”).

But the government has also said it is in favour of pensions based on stock market profits and on individual savings (the second and third pillars), which is a major contradiction of the first statement. For as long as our current pension system is working well – and it is –, there is no need to set up these additional mechanisms, which weaken the first pillar and only benefit those with sufficient savings and financial knowledge: a small elite. It is important to remember that it is only because the first pillar is so weak in the USA that 925,000 elderly Americans had to go back to work in 2008: the financial crash had wiped out their pensions. déi Lénk is determined to ensure that people’s well-deserved rest does not depend on the whims of the financial market.

What’s more, a 2012 reform from Mars di Bartolomeo (LSAP) has already considerably reduced the pensions of current employees:

Until 2052, pensions received will diminish every year. Those just starting out and those in the middle of their careers are the hardest hit by the reform.

“If we consider that life expectancy at the age of 60 is 25 years, we can say that, over their entire retirement period from 2052 onwards, the average employee will lose more than €190,000 in constant terms as a result of the reform.” (CSL)

– A mechanism introduced in 2012 stipulates that the adjustment of pensions to the average wage, which ensures a stable standard of living for pensioners despite inflation, will fall away automatically as soon as the ratio between expenses and social contributions will exceed a certain threshold.  

déi Lénk demands:

– That the 2012 reform be reversed.

– That the focus be on ensuring the first pillar’s resilience through pragmatism and flexibility, by finding socially just additional sources of income whenever necessary.

Under no circumstances should we dogmatically decide to favour financial markets’ and private insurances’ interests when this goes against the common good.

Ensuring that people can live a good life during their retirement is a matter of political will. Once that will is there, things become simple: you always find the means. déi Lénk is not sure at all that this will exists within the current government and will follow its decisions closely. We call on everyone to be aware of what is at stake and be ready to defend their rights!

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