Élections législatives 2018

Committed to change.

The 2018 electoral program was drawn up in a broad participatory process. The proposed measures respond to the major social, economic and ecological challenges. The program calls for a break with the existing policy which only reinforces social inequalities and the destruction of the environment.

Our commitment for change was at the centre of the election campaign for the national Parliament. A change designed as an opportunity for a new start towards a more egalitarian and more environmentally friendly society.

The electoral program and the manifesto for change can be downloaded by following the links below.

Our campaign clips, the profiles of our canidates and other relevant information about the campaign can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


European Elections 2019.

Our lives. Not their profits.

Improve the lives of working people and take on the power of multinational corporations: in its program for the European elections 2019, déi Lénk has put together a whole range of measures for an inclusive an ecological Europe. 

To read our program and other publications for the European Elections of 2019, follow the links below.

Municipal elections 2017.

Participation. Housing. Planning. 

The democratization of decision-making, the creation of affordable housing and social and ecological planning were at the centre of our municipal campaign 2017.

To read our program for the 2017 municipal elections and view the campaign clips, follow the link below.


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