How we work.

Social justice, active involvement and individual fulfilment: these are the objectives that we pursuit for the society as a whole and that also determine the way we work within our organisation.

The membership in déi Lénk is individual and entitles you to certain rights (i.e. the right to vote). All members enjoy the same rights and the membership doesn’t exclude to be affiliated to another political organisation. Our internal bodies are open for everyone who’s interested in our work, even non-members can participate in the discussions. This is a way to encourage a broad and active participation of as many people as possible. 

Through our rotation rule, every political mandate is shared between at least two persons. This enables more members to get involved in the political work and it prevents our elected members to become professional politicians disconnected from the realities of society. Of course, we apply the principle of gender balance to all our election lists and in our internal functioning. 

The most important decisions are taken by the annual convention where every member has a right to vote. Sympathisers, as well as every other person that is interested in our work, can participate in the debates but are not entitled to vote.

The annual convention determines every year the composition of the National Coordination (NaCo). This decision body is not limited in number and every member can be part of it. The NaCo guides the work of déi Lénk throughout the year, taking important political or financial decisions. Our members of Parliament refer to the NaCo for all matters of importance. 

The NaCo also puts in place working groups on different subjects that elaborate the political program of déi Lénk and initiate specific actions. Every member can participate in the working groups, as well as non-members. The local sections are also represented in the NaCo and can report to it if necessary. 

The daily governance is assumed by the Coordination Office (BuCo) composed by a maximum of 9 members of the NaCo. It comes together once a week to deliberate on organisational or financial matters, as well as to discuss the political agenda. The BuCo is also the formal employer of the staff members which work for the movement and support the different bodies of déi Lénk and help to execute the decisions taken. 

As mentioned, déi Lénk is organised in sections on a local and regional level. The local sections are composed of members and sympathizers that are resident in the corresponding municipality or region, but they are also open to non-members. They work in a complete autonomous way but are ultimately bound to respect the fundamental principles of déi Lénk. In the municipalities where déi Lénk have one or more seats in the municipal council, the political work is prepared in the corresponding local section. 

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