Participate in our work.

Participating in déi Lénk is easy. Basically, there are two possibilities.

At a local or regional level, we have sections in a series of municipalities and in certain regions. Each person, member or not, can join in and contribute to the discussions on issues of interest in the municipality or in the region, or participate in very concrete initiatives such as the organization of a stand or event.

At the national level, there is the possibility to join different working groups on different political topics. Here too, participation is open to anyone interested, member or not. These groups deal with specific questions in the various fields, deepen the political program of déi Lénk and propose concrete initiatives.

Currently, there are the following thematic working groups: Housing, work and social security, education, feminism, ecology and climate, economy, international issues and new technologies.

You want to contribute in an existing group? You want to work on a topic that is not on the list? So just contact  our secretariat.

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