Members of parliament.

Nathalie Oberweis (since May 2021).

Nathalie was born on 20th February 1983 and is a mother to two children. Her experience as a journalist taught Nathalie to listen and ask the right questions. Although she initially never wanted to join a party, déi Lénk turned out to be the right place for Nathalie to stand up for her ideals.

After years of commitment to human rights in the Middle East and Africa, she now continues her fight for a just society as a member of déi Lénk. Nathalie has been inaugurated on 19th May 2021 as a member of the Luxembourgish parliament. Her main subjects are housing, fiscal and health policies (see the detailed allocation of topics)

Myriam Cecchetti (since May 2021).

Myriam was born on 23rd March 1966 and is a mother to three children. She is a special education teacher. For déi Gréng, Myriam has been a municipal councillor in Sanem from 2005 to 2010 and an alderwoman from 2010-2017. Myriam decided to join déi Lénk, as she is an environmental activist fighting for social justice as well. For her, the fights for social and environmental justice cannot be separated and must be tackled simultaneously.

Her commitment to “Eis Epicerie Zolwer”, a cooperative she is chairwoman of, is exemplary for her philosophy. After the communal elections of 2017, Myriam was a member of the municipal council for déi Lénk, but she resigned in 2021 so she could be inaugurated as a member of the Luxembourgish parliament on May, 19th 2021. Her main subjects are environmental, education and labour policies (see the detailed allocation of topics)

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