Data protection statement


The web page is under the responsibility of déi Lénk.

The collection and processing of data is in line with article 6 paragraph 1 lit.a of the European Directive on data protection.

The web page is hosted in data centers in Luxembourg and access to the web page is provided through secure connection SSL (as shown by the prefix “https” in the address bar).

Data collection

We only collect personal data with your explicit approval. The collected data may vary according to the use:

If you become a member by using the intended form, your personal data will be processed and used solely for the purpose of managing our member files, notably to improve the support to our members and to take contact. You will periodically get information by postal or digital means. Your data is processed by office members of déi Lénk. The staff members in charge of the support to our members, as well as the coordinators of working groups and local sections will get access to the data in order to perform their tasks. The data is only collected for internal use and will not be transferred to external persons or external organisations.

Your data which is collected by using our web page is used as follows:

  • The saving of the IP-Address

For security purposes, the anonymised IP-address of the visitor is saved for a limited period of time by our hosting service.

  • Data transfer

The web page uses different external services. For technical reasons, the IP-address is transferred to the following services:

  1. YouTube de Google pour les vidéos
  2. Google Analytics
  • Cookies

The web page uses cookies for statistical purposes and to save your personal preferences (i.e. the lagage chosen by your browser). Furthermore, cookies are generated as soon as a user tries to connect.

The videos uploaded to the web page also generate cookies. Google Analytics creates cookies for statistical purposes.

  • Links to external web pages

On our web page, you can find links to external web pages run by third parties. If you click on such a link, we don’t have any influence on the way your personal data is handled by the third party.

  • Your rights

You have the right to know what personal data of yours is kept by déi Lénk and you can at all times withdraw your authorisation to use this data. You also have the right to ask for rectification of the data, restriction to the data or removal of the data. If you think that a legal violation has been committed with your personal data, you can contact the CNPD (Commission nationale pour la protection des données) to enforce your rights.

You can contact the office of déi Lénk: déi Lénk, 63 boulevard de la Pétrusse, L-2320 Luxembourg / BP 817 Luxembourg / Tél.: 26 20 20 72 /

You can contact the Person in charge of data protection: / 26 20 20 72

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